Subahe Banaras


  • Experience spiritualism of Varanasi
  • Morning ceremony at ghat
  • Sunrise boat ride on Ganges
  • Visiting to the Kashivishwanth temple (jyotirlinga)
  • Walking in golden temple area and near by temples
  • Guided city tour
  • Visit to important temples
  • Visit to Benares Hindu University
  • Evening arti ceremony at ghat
  • Duration : 1 day

Description :

Manglam Travels take you the heart of the city to see the historical parenoma of Varanasi. this is an great option for those who just have one day and want to see so many things. there are just two reasons for people to come to Varnasi one is the Ganges and other is the historical temple. so this our one day tours start with Ganges and End with Mother Ganges. our tours beging with a boat ride on the Gnages to witness the subah-e-Benars and then we go to the north part of the city for the heritage walk in golden temple area .our major sights are Golden Temple, moneky temple, Tulsi manas temple, Durga temple, Benars Hindu University campus and It’s temple. In the evening we will take you to witness evening arti ceremony at the bank of Ganges.

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